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 The 41th CIFF (CIFF 2018 March) will be enlarged to the scale of 750,000SQM. At the same time, according to Johanna Chua, an economist at Citi in Hong Kong, industrial laggards in parts of Asia and Africa face a race against the machines” as they struggle to create sufficient manufacturing jobs before they are wiped out by the gathering robot army in China and beyond. Launched at the World Economic Forum’s annual June meeting in northeast China’s Dalian city, often known as the Summer Davos, the report said labour productivity improvements would account for over half of the US$15.7 trillion in economic gains from AI between 2016 and 2030 – more than the current output of China and India combined – while increased consumer demand resulting from AI-enabled product enhancements will account for the rest. McKinsey research suggests that by 2020, the income of more than half of China’s urban households, calculated on a purchasing- power-parity basis, will catapult them into the upper middle class— a category that barely existed in China in 2000 (for more, see Mapping China’s middle class ”). The members of this group already demand innovative products that require engineering and manufacturing capabilities many local producers do not yet adequately possess. The government action was seen to have been a response to his tweets about two legal cases: those of Yang Jia, a Beijing resident who killed six policemen after being arrested and beaten for riding an unlicensed bicycle, and of Feng Zhenghu, a human-rights lawyer who was waylaid at Tokyo’s Narita Airport for three months when the Chinese government prohibited him from returning to China. The first phase on 18-21 March is to be held at China Import & Export Fair Complex’ Area A, B and C along with the nearby complex of PWTC Expo as CIFF’s Area D on the scale of 410,000SQM with the exhibits of home furniture, home decor, home textiles, outdoor furniture and leisure products. my response in shenzhenbusinessguide.com