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Bitcoin Poker 2017

You can buy from the exchange companies that send you Litecoins for the money you pay them. The exchanges are for example: , or You can also buy Litecoins from people who have Litecoin and want to sell. You can buy Litecoins against any mode of payment supported by the seller of Litecoins. In many countries, you can purchase Litecoins from exchange against, hard cash, debit card, credit card or any other supported form of payment. One thing that many people don’t know about deposits and withdrawals with Litecoins is that they are very quick – probably the quickest method around. It isn’t at all uncommon for reputable online Litecoin casinos to send you your cryptocurrency withdrawal a few minutes after you’d requested it, which is very convenient.

Number of players: Traditional poker sites such as PokerStars, Full Tilt, Party Poker and 888 do not accept Litecoins. Under such circumstances does a player have to resort to other sites such as, for example, Betcoin Poker. This is a fast growing poker room, but the number of players at Betcoin Poker is fewer than at the renowned sites. This is not a disadvantage for usual players who prefer playing cash games at poker tables with small bets; those who prefer taking part in tournaments with big prize money, especially Multi Table Tournaments, have to adjust to a market leader outside LTC currency area.

Now that you are the proud owner of some ‘coin, you can deposit your funds in the poker room of your choice. Once you have chosen a room, we recommend Betcoin Poker , the room will then specify an address to transfer your Litecoin to. In the case of Betcoin Poker, you can find this address under the ‘my account’ tab.

Perhaps the best aspect of Litecoin casinos is the fact that cashing out is easier than it is anywhere else. Unlike traditional casinos, where cashing out means you may have to wait weeks on end before ever receiving any money, Litecoin cashouts are processed instantaneously such that you will have your money only seconds after requesting to cash out.