Forex News: Gold Price June 17 2017 (22)

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In Mayiladuthurai on 16-Jun-2017, the retail 22 Carat Gold was sold at 2,761.00 rupees per gram and the retail Silver price in Mayiladuthurai was 38,995.00 rupees per kilogram on 16-Jun-2017. Gold price of both 22 karats and 24 karats declined due to the global factors such as the firm dollar and rising stock prices. If you are looking to buy gold in India, it is best to check the gold rates today in India before buying. At that time, the investor will typically have a specified amount of time to complete their purchase and lock their price in. The amount of time given may be fairly short, however, such as ten minutes (as is the case with JM Bullion).

The question now is whether gold has exhausted its slide for the time being or if the precious metal has further to fall before bottoming out. While gold out-performance -or silver’s under-performance relative to gold-is very noticeable in early 2016, this has actually been going on for a long time.

Investors lose money because the futures contract must be adjusted downward to match the spot price. In the following table, in addition to United States Dollar, London Gold Fixing price is also calculated in United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) per ounce, gram and kilogram.

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